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I am the head beekeeper here at the Heathcote Apiaries and have been keeping bees for about 10 years. We understand the synergy that exists between healthy bees and a stress free and disease free environment.

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We are passionate about our bees and adopt an integrated approach to disease management by not using harsh chemicals and not stressing bees by moving the hives leaving our colonies to develop uninhibited. Our secret recipes for our products have been passed down through the generations and we use all natural ingredients with no added colours or preservatives.

Honey- Nectar of the Gods
The composition of honey depends largely on which flowers are visited by our bees when they are collecting nectar. Glucose and fructose, the main simple sugars, are present roughly in equal quantities together with a small amount of sucrose.

These sugars give our honey its principal characteristics together with other constituents such as acids, protein pigments and minerals which all help to distinguish the individual honey type.

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Honey for Health

Honey is an acid product, with a PH of between 3.2 and 4.5 which is low enough to inhibit the growth of many animal pathogens. It is also antibacterial and well known as a cough and cold remedy. Eating honey can also inhibit the effects of alcohol by providing the body with sodium, potassium and fructose which aid recovery. Honey is rich in vitamin B6 which can also further reduce hangover symptoms.

Our honey is produced by our bees kept on organic land in beautiful rural Lincolnshire. The honey is harvested in the summer months and simply filtered and poured straight into glass jars. It is not heat treated or processed in any other way and retains its beautiful fragrant flavour. Our bees forage for nectar on a variety of local wild flowers and trees. Raw honey contains pollen and propolis and may contain small particle of wax.

Our bees are fed on their own honey and are not fed sugar syrup, they are not stressed by moving hives or treating with harsh chemicals.

The resulting honey is raw and unadulterated. Over time all pure honey will granulate and change colour. This change is the best proof of its quality and can easily be restored to the liquid state by loosening the lid and gently warming the jar in hot water until runny again.

For more information about Heathcote Honey, our Bee Talks and Presentations or any items from its product range, please telephone us now or simply click here.

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Heathcote Honey, The Old Heathcote Arms, Grantham Road, Ingoldsby, Lincolnshire, NG33 4EQ.
01476 585192 or Mob: 07762 871200 or email: enquiries@heathcotehoney.co.uk

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